Limpopo Wildlife Resorts Experience The Effects of Floods

Jan 23, 2013

Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) experienced the effects of the recent heavy rains that fell in the past few days in the province. It can be confirmed that some of the resorts managed by LTA’s commercial division, Limpopo Wildlife Resorts (LWR), have been hit hard, thereby leaving them as islands due to lack of accessibility.

The most affected products of LTA include Mphephu Resort, Makuya (Singo) Park, Eclipse Tented Camp and Nwanedi Resort. Mphephu Resort, which was the busiest of all the LTA resortsduring the festive period, is completely inaccessible as the bridge to the resort has been washed away by the overflowing river that crosses along the resort. We may not be able to make estimations of the damage caused by these floods but we can state that this has adversely affected tourism as visitors may not make it to some of these destinations any time soon.

“I must say that we really appreciate the collaboration with management of the Kruger National Park in Makuya Park where LTA manages Singo Park which has also been affected”, said Nocks Seabi, the CEO of LTA. Seabi further said, “We also wish to commend the Management of Tshikondeni Mine, who offered to assist by clearing the road to the camp as it was only accessible by means of 4x4 vehicles. I am confident  we will be able to overcome the situation given the cooperation of the provincial Disaster Management Committee.”

At Nwanedi Wildlife Resort only Folovhodwe gate can be used to go to the resort but via Muswodi – Folovhodwe road.

LTA is busy making an assessment of the extent of damage caused by these floods and a follow up media statement on that will be released at a later stage.

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