Tourism Boost During Holidays

Jan 13, 2014

Tourism in the province picked up during the festive season, a move that pleased the Limpopo Tourism Agency.

“Limpopo Wildlife Resorts recorded a total of 53260 people who went through our gates from December 1 to January 5 this year,” the tourism agency spokesperson, Ntlhekeng Kgatla, said.

The agency said the occupancy rate of selected accommodation establishments has increased from 62% in 2012 to 64% in 2013.

The boost in tourism occurred despite unfavourable economic conditions, closure and upgrades of some resorts due to floods and ageing infrastructure, the agency noted.

Kgatla said: “On December 20, Mphephu Resort in Vhembe district re-opened for business. And on Christmas Day it welcomed 5510 people. However our best performing resort for the day was Nwanedi in the same district which hosted 6143 people.”

Tourism business in the province is also boosted by the fact that 70% of the popular Kruger National Park falls within its borders.

During the period under review, some 19271 people went through the park’s Phalaborwa gate while Punda Maria realised 1585 tourists, according to the provincial tourism agency.

Most tourists are attracted by the wild mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

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