Bird Identification Course

Jun 23, 2014

Birds are the most beautiful and accessible creatures on earth. They can literally be found anywhere on the planet and if one appreciates nature, one cannot but appreciate birds.

Southern Africa is richly blessed with over 950 bird species (more than 10 percent of the world’s total). This great diversity of species, the wide variety of habitats they occur in and their fascinating behaviour and ecology make birds and bird watching a fascinating pastime. It is no wonder that birding has become one of the fastest growing pastimes in Europe, the USA and here in South Africa.

This one-day course is aimed at anyone who intends starting up birding as a hobby, those who simply enjoy an interest in birds and wish to learn more about them or for those who have been birding for a while but need to hone their identification skills.

The goal of the course is to introduce participants to a practical system whereby birds can be identified and enjoyed. Subjects that will be covered include; necessary equipment, important terminology, the morphology of birds, how to get the most out of your bird field guide, southern African bird families and a practical bird identification system.

The course is presented in a personal, informal manner and apart from the above-mentioned subjects, course delegates are treated to valuable birding tips and entertaining anecdotes by presenter Joe Grosel.

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